The Best Electric Airsoft Rifles of 2019

Electric airsoft rifles are battery-powered and formed after the military M4 rifle. They use a spring, but unlike spring powered guns, they don’t need to be cocked as they fire automatically. Electric power guns have selective fire capabilities for various CQB situations. They can shift into full auto, semiautomatic and single fire modes. In a military simulation sport like airsoft, a reliable and accurate gun is a must-have today.

We’ll share with you the best electric airsoft rifles trusted by professional players across the globe. Each of them is listed based on their performance capacity and size. If you see something somewhere that fits your preferences, check if it’s on our list. When buying an airsoft gun, you must consider the accuracy and consistency as it affects your performance on the battlefield. Luckily, all the products we share fire accurately and powerfully.

These are the five most trusted and reliable electric power guns.

#1 F4-D M4

Leading the first bot is one of the great entry-level AEG. It’s none other than the firepower F4-D M4 full auto electric airsoft rifle. If you’re looking for a full auto airsoft gun with spectacular features, this product is a great catch. It boasts the metals and plastic construction designed to endure tough and long skirmishes. This product can be used in both semi and fully automatic firing modes, giving you a huge edge to win the game. The firepower F4-D M4 full auto electric airsoft rifle is an electric-powered gun. It uses a rechargeable battery to operate. When it comes to firing speed, this gun can shoot a 0.12-gram airsoft BB at 240 feet per second.

With this product, you no longer need to worry about running out of ammo with its 300-round gravity feed magazine that can hold up to 500 BB for intense shooting. What makes this electric powered rifle stand out is it comes with a tactical forward grip laser aiming module and a tactical flashlight, all of these features are made for even more exciting and lifelike shooting. The collapsible stock allows the users to customize the stock position to their preference. It’s handy for keeping the gun steady and for accurate aiming of targets. The four rails make it possible to add several compatible accessories such as lights, lasers, and four grips. It’s integrated rail system upgrades the gun into the ultimate tactical rifle.

#2 FN Herstal FN-SCAR-L

The second item on our list is the entry-level, Scar Electric Air Soft Rifle LPEG Black. This is an entry-level low powered electric gun and is definitely ideal to anyone that’s just started in airsoft. It’s made of polymer and plastics and has a semi and full automatic feature. It comes with a battery built into a proprietary magazine and a charger. It can hold up to 200 rounds of BB capacity. This gun is a fully licensed FN replica and has all the features as long as coming with an authentic FN Herstal trademark. Aside from the semiautomatic and full auto fire modes, there is also is a safety mode that adds extra security to this rifle. It includes a front and rear sights for more accurate firing and it can also fold down. It’s lightweight and easy to carry with its tactical foregrip that’s attached to the front rail.

Another key feature of this rifle is its full rail system that’s built into the front of the gun that allows you to add accessories like laser sights and flashlights of desire. This rifle has a consistent firing that shoots at 300 feet per second. It also has an adjustable stock, not just for easy storage, but also to have a comfortable hold as it can be used during extended periods on the user’s preference. The BB’s go into the mock site located on top of the gun since the magazine is the actual battery. It’s highly recommended not to overcharge the battery because it tends to overheat. This FN entry-level Scar Electric Airsoft Rifle is a decent starter gun you can take on your airsoft battlegrounds. This beginner gun will not disappoint you and shoots really great for its price.

#3 H&K MP7 AEG Airsoft SMG

At number three is the H&K MP7 Airsoft SMG. This gun is best for all shooting sports enthusiasts because of its affordability and unique features. Aside from being budget-friendly, this airsoft rifle is also licensed so you have no worries about using it. They go on as perfect for airsoft players because of its accuracy and capacity to perform on the battlefield. Its features include a modifiable rear and front sights so you can easily target your opponent. It also has an adjustable foregrip and foldable stock that fits all user sizes.

This electric gun is loaded with accessories such as the 160-ball bullet drop-free magazine with 180-round capacity, a 7.2 Ni-MH rechargeable battery, a universal wall charger, and a flashlight. It also comes with a built-in hop-up BB system that is capable of shooting for longer periods of time without reloading. It can shoot a ball bullet at 240 feet per second. Its airsoft version and its features are almost as same as the original. The H&K MP7 Airsoft SMG is recommended for beginners and younger players because of its size and weight. This gun weighs two and a half pounds and makes it handy and comfortable to carry. You can enjoy it and have fun with this quality gun while saving money for your pocket.

#4 Colt M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG

Taking our fourth spot is the Colt M4 CQB Full Metal RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle. This airsoft rifle is built with metal components from its internal up to its external; such as the upper and lower receivers, buffer tube, and outer barrel assembly. The compatible aftermarket accessories of this rifle such as the lights, lasers, grips, bipods launchers and more can easily be mounted with its full metal RIS system and it’s perfect for any battle or engagement. The rifle’s internal parts are also highly compatible with the majority of selection from available aftermarket upgrades and replacement parts. With its upgradable-version two gearbox and high torque motor, the multi-position crane stock of this rifle is capable of housing the included 8.4-volt nunchuck battery.

The rear-iron side of this product can also be adjusted, removed entirely, or used along with aftermarket optics; such as red dots, hollows, and scopes. The battery charger two-metal high cap magazine, manual cleaning rod, and front-sight adjustment tool are all included in the package. The Colt M4 CQB Full Metal RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle is considered one of the most prolific rifles on the market, both for real-world firearms and airsoft delight. The AR15 M4 Rifle has proven itself to be one of the best platforms today. This cyber gun’s officially licensed Colt M4 CQB cuts no corners. This airsoft rifle is not just affordable but can also be upgraded and will definitely last a lifetime

#5 Lancer Tactical CMO28 AK47

At number five bestseller is the Lancer Tactical CMO28 AK47 Metal Electrical Airsoft Rifle AEG. Manufactured by Lancer Tactical, which is widely known for creating budget-friendly airsoft guns, the CMO28 is a real steel copy that you can get at an affordable price and is liked by new players as well as key enthusiasts who prefer the raw power of an AK47. Lancer Tactical CMO28 is made of a lightweight polymer with metal internals to cut down the price without compromising on quality.
Inside this AK is a CYMA all-metal gearbox including brushings and gears that are all TM parts compatible which allow for easy maintenance, restoration, and customization.

The gun is more precise and fires farther because of the AK’s significantly lengthy 455-millimeter brass inner barrel. That 600 BB capacity metal magazine will give you nearly twice the ammunition and firepower, thus keeping you in the game for longer. The adjustable hop-up system applies backspin on BB’s, allowing them to fly farther and straighter than non-hop up models. The IRS system with included folding AK foregrip can be used to mount other aftermarket accessories such as red dots, lasers, lights, and more. The metal barrel and metal top cover flatter the smooth wood finish on this rifle. A full rear stock enables large battery storage capabilities and the multi-position stock can be adjusted to comfortably fit a wide variety of players.

Airsoft is certainly one of the best and most popular sports now. It engages not only our physical bodies but also unleashes our tactical skills. Whether you’re a professional player, hobbyist, or a beginner. All of these products we shared will help you stand out in any airsoft game or close battle quarrel.

We hope our review helped you find the electric-powered rifle you’re looking for. If it did like this video and subscribe for more reviews like this and to join our growing community, we value your comments and your suggestions, so don’t forget to share them below.

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