The 5 Hottest Airsoft Optics You Need To Own

Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different and we’re going to be taking a look at a couple of different sights that we’ll be going through, what they are, how they kind of work, and what situations they’d be beneficial for. Let get into this article, stick around to find out what’s best for you.

Lancer Tactical T1

So the first one that we’re gonna be taking a look at is this really awesome Lancer Tactical T1 sights. This is going to be a red dot style, which therefore means a little laser is in the back of the site and it shines onto the lens in front of it. And all you do is you take the little red dot, you put it on your target, and that’s where the BBs go; obviously, after you sight it in.

The benefit of the T1 site is that it is a red dot sight that has a 1-inch riser to it. What is beneficial about this is if you are somebody that plays with a paintball mask, or a face mesh lower, you won’t have to sit and have it be all the way down and put your face basically on the butt of your rifle.

Because it has that riser, you can actually see better because your face mask isn’t rubbing up against your buttstock, which is really nice. And that’s the main benefit of having a T1 in airsoft.

Aim Sports Red Dot Reflex Sight w/ 4 Reticles

The next site that we have available is made by Aim Sports and this is one of our red dot reflex sites. So the main benefit that you would have of a reflex site here is the visibility that you get with it. Something like this is not going to give you tunnel vision.

If you have it down and if you’re looking down, you still have full visibility to see over in front of you. It gives you a wide range of visibility while still giving you that red dot so you can pop on the targets and take shots, which is really nice. This particular model offers you three different brightness levels and a couple of different radical options.

G&G ES DR 1-4x Optic Scope

The next scope that we’re going to have is this really super cool 1 to 4X site that is made by G&G; this is most commonly referred to and looks like an L-can. One of the benefits of this is that it does the 4x to 1x magnification. What it means is it essentially is giving you zoom powers.

So you could go from one which is basically what you’re seeing normally to 4x, which is like if you were to get really close. This one also has a cross in the sight which carries different markers for yardage.

Another feature is a kill flash, so the kill flash is going to allow you to block BBs from shattering your scope essentially. The BBs will hit the kill flash and bounce off. Harmlessly it’s really a functional feature especially for how expensive these are. It’s definitely an investment to have a kill flash on there.

G&G 1x-4x Scope Optic Sight

G&G ES DR 1-4x Optic Scope

Obviously in airsoft, if you were not shooting yards, let’s say that you have a target for a hundred feet, but the guy’s 150 feet, you can use the little markers on the cross here to adjust and then be able to hit a target consistently at 150 feet using the little markers that are on the cross here.

This site also features a really nice little set of iron sights up on top. You got a little hole and a little post up on the front that you can look through as well. So let’s say you can use the little iron site that it provides to get that person out real quick. This one also features quick detach so you could take it on, take it off.

Valken Scope 1-4x 20M Scope

The next scope we are offering here is a wonderful scope made by Valken Outdoor and this is a 1 to 4X by 20-millimeter scope. So you can get 1x, 2x, 2.5x, 3.5x, and 4x magnification.

So this is going to be something that’s really nice if you’re trying to find a decent scope for a DMR setup that you have already or a scout style rifle with a shorter bolt action that you’re trying to find a scope for.

This would also work really well with any basic AR or AK platform if you’re just looking to get a really cool decent scope that can do a lot of different things in one. So this scope also has five different brightness settings and it has two different colors, red and green.

UTG Golden Image 4 x 32M Scope

The last scope we’re going to be looking at here today is a UTG Golden Image 4×32 millimeter sniper scope. This is a shock-resistant, water-resistant, fog resistant, super awesome scope and this would be perfect for anybody’s sniper rifle out there.

This is a 4x fixed magnification that has the 32-millimeter lens in their front, so it’s letting in more light and your image is going to be a lot crisper than some of the other scopes. This is would be perfect for anybody that’s looking for something to put on their sniper rifle or a DMR and would serve as a really solid investment.

That’s all for our reviewed sights and scopes and their different feature highlights. We hope this helps you get to know the next sights you’ll be getting better.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down and let us know what you think.

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