Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles for 2020

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie for airsoft, or you’re just someone looking to buy their kid or relative a present; you’ll learn a lot from the guide we’ve prepared for your here today! Heck, even veterans of the game could learn a thing or two about choosing their equipment for airsoft – which is why we’ve prepared a list of the best airsoft snipers you can buy in 2020, along with some handy tips for inexperienced buyers..

So here’s the list (with detailed reviews below). Note – in some categories we have more than one winner:

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market?

That depends on how much you’re looking to spend and what you value (pure distance vs accuracy vs ease of operation). That said, our recommendation for best-all around is the Well 96 spring sniper airsoft rifle w/ bi-pod and scope . Read our full review below, but if you’re looking for a fantastic combination of distance, accuracy and price point…this is your gun.

What is the best airsoft sniper rifle for beginners?

Airsoft sniper rifles can get expensive and complicated. If you’re a weekend warrior or you’re just looking for the best airsoft gun for hunting squirrels, then you want to focus on something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and won’t break the bank. Our recommendation: ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle . Read our Full Review below or check out Amazon to see what others are saying.

How accurate are airsoft sniper rifles?

The reality is that unless you’re willing to spend more than $300, then you’re accuracy with an airsoft sniper rifle is going to max out at around 120-140 feet. You’ll be able to shoot further than this…but the pellet spread will get wider. That said, if you’re just plinking small game or playing milsim on the weekend, there are a number of solid options for under $300.

Is the Novritsch ssg24 worth it?

Short answer – if you don’t mind dropping over $400 then probably. However, if you want the version for under $300, then we highly recommend the Gammo Swarm Fusion for under $300 and almost every bit as powerful as the Novritsch.

What is a good FPS for an Airsoft sniper rifle?

You really want to be between 400 and 500 FPS with any Airsoft Sniper rifle. In fact, most courses won’t allow more than 500 FPS. Depending on the other features of the gun, as low as 300 is fine but anything lower than that is only effective for assault rifles and pistols – anything that’s more suited for CQC.

Detailed Reviews

Well MB4410 Review

To start things off, here’s a truly powerful airsoft gun with a bolt-action mechanism, capable of firing at rates of an incredible 430 FPS. As you may have gathered from the previous statistic, we’re talking about an amazing performer when we consider the Well MB4410. It also has all of the fundamentals down, with an outer barrel made of aluminum, a number of Picatinny rails for attachments; combining quality, accuracy, and power.

This sniper can definitely hold its own in a comparison with more expensive airsoft sniper rifles as well. Once you set it up initially, this rifle is capable of accurate and clear shots, with a variable zoom scope and a handily adjustable cheek rest. Overall, even more professional players will be happy with the performance of this gun; it can fire 0.28g or 0.20g BBs, depending on your personal preference.

This rifle has two color variants; black and green. Plus, it comes with a foldable bipod and a metallic bolt that allow for increased stability. The body of the gun is made of a quality composite plastic that’s also weatherproof. However, if you’re one of those people that’s not overly fond of plastic polymers; know that the more important parts of the gun are metal; including the sling mounts, bipod, magazine release, bolt handle, trigger and barrel.

Speaking of the barrel; it’s a one-piece aluminum part designed for maximum precision, greatly improving your shooting accuracy. The stock hop-up that’s included with the gun is also adjustable; a major help when it comes to precision shots, especially considering the different BB weights.

The frame is tactical and large, completely minimizing shot recoil. And that’s no wonder, seeing as this gun’s hefty weight allows it to be sturdy and solid enough for the best shots; but without being overly heavy for young adults and teenagers who are of a weaker disposition.

Rifles with spring powered bolt action such as this have a couple of interesting advantages. Namely, springers are better in varying weather conditions. Plus, they’re generally less noisy; making them perfect for stealthy play in rough conditions. Also, for those who care about such a thing, springers are better at imitating the feel of holding an actual gun in your hand.

So, if you want a realistic game in subpar weather conditions; this is the most reliable choice you can find. You won’t encounter the annoying freezing up that you may get with an electrical or the leaking that could come from a gas piston. And best of all – there’s no spare batteries to lug around the field, or the need to charge them before the game.

Of course, there are also a couple of palpable downsides, as no gun is completely perfect. For one, bolt-action mechanisms mean that you actually need to cock your weapon manually each time you decided to shoot. However, seeing as this is a sniper that’s not designed for fast-paced gameplay but for a more tactical style; this isn’t much of a downside in the first place. There’s also the fact that the first couple of shots that you fire tend to be quite loud; thought after a dozen rounds, the sniper tends to settle in and become far quieter.

Considering the presence of four Picatinny rails, you can expect this rifle to have an amazing level of customizability; especially when it comes to attaching different optics. If you’re a beginner who’s only beginning to work on their airsoft skills, you’ll find this most useful; at a certain point, you will need more advanced scopes to compliment your skill level. And don’t get us wrong, the stock scope that comes with the rifle is quite good, but it may not be enough for you after a while.

All things considered, while there are a few very minor gripes with this sniper; its negatives are largely outweighed by the positives. Sure, the barrel’s black finish is somewhat prone to getting scratched. Many people aren’t bothered by this, but some may need to get a camo wrap to fully protect it.

Out of all the guns that we’ll mention here, the Well MB4410 is definitely our premier choice. If you don’t want to spend more than $200 on your airsoft sniper rifle, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more complete combination of performance, looks, and quality. All in all, this airsoft rifle will get you accurate, clean shots – which is the most important thing at the end of the day.

AGM L96 AWP Sniper

Moving on, we’ve got the AGM L96 AWP Sniper. This gun is heavily modeled after the real-life counterpart, making for a popular option considering its low price. It’s quite easy to assemble, with a painfully simple 2-piece kit. The rifle comes with a magazine capable of holding 30 rounds, and a shooting capacity of 450 FPS. Any serious players will be able to appreciate such a reliable and tough gun!

JG BAR-10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

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If you’re looking to buy your first airsoft sniper rifle, the JG BAR-10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is definitely a fine choice. One of the first things you’ll notice about it is the extremely lightweight feeling; the main benefit of the gun’s sturdy polymer construction.

In terms of getting the most quality for the lowest price, this is definitely a worthy option. With it, you also get a detachable rear sight, which you won’t have trouble removing. It shoots at an impressive rate of 470 FPS, also sporting a 30-round magazine.

ASG M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle

In the realm of quality airsoft sniper rifles, the ASG McMillan M40A3 represents one of the best spring-bolt weapons. It sports a rugged design, with sharp and well-defined edges; a testament to the quality of its manufacturing, allowing for increased durability and power. This gun is able to achieve a shooting rate of 450 FPS if you use the stock 0.20g BBs. It’s not too heavy either, seeing as its body is made out of a plastic polymer; giving you optimal performance even under drastic field conditions.

The ASG M40A3 has a fixed stock, giving a boost to maneuverability; plus you get a cheek riser you can adjust, allowing you to make accurate shots without losing time on changing your shooting position. Also, the rifle has a hop-up you can also adjust depending on accuracy and range; along with a proper Picatinny rail for any further attachments you may want to add.

Finally, this gun comes with a metallic bolt, and a spring construction that means you won’t be facing power problems once you’re in the field. Regardless of the temperature or other weather conditions, the gun will fire as long as its loaded!

Well SR-02 Airsoft Sniper

With the Well SR-02 Airsoft Rifle, we’ve truly got a thing of beauty. This gun comes with a black matte design that’s not only extremely aesthetic, but also quite easy on the eye. Its got a metal barrel designed for ultimate precision, making every shot feel just right. The rifle can achieve an FPS of 475, with a range of almost 200 feet. For expert airsoft snipers who take their time to line up each shoot, the SR-2 could probably make it to 250 feet as well.

In many ways, this is something of a mashup between a sniper rifle and an airsoft rifle. In fact, one of the biggest selling points of the SR-2 is the fact that it’s far lighter and smaller than most other sniper rifles available on the market today. In turn, this means you can play a far more flexible and versatile game with this than with many of the top-quality sniper rifles; for instance, you will be able to reposition and move around with far bigger easy. Even with its bipod and scope, the gun weighs less than 5.5 lbs; making it easy to take and make a quick getaway from a pinned-down position.

When we talk about how this gun feels and looks, it more than delivers on the promises marketed by its manufacturer. The trigger, pistol grip, and LE stock are all pretty much in the style of the AR-15; people who also like to play airsoft with assault rifles will more than appreciate this. You also get a hop-up that’s easy to adjust, giving you the option of fiddling with your shots’ ultimate trajectory; a feature that you may have come to expect nowadays, but is still a welcome addition.

In regards to customizability, the SR-2 pretty much ticks all of the boxes you want it to. It comes with a bipod and a scope that you attach on a Picatinny rail. This means you can upgrade the gun’s optics once the stock ones start to limit the progression of your skill. So, if want to customize the gun at a moment down the line, this weapon provides you with plenty of options.

As with most quality snipers for airsoft, the internal mechanism of the gun is made out of metal. The barrel was manufactured from aluminum, with extreme precision in mind. And that’s something you need to think about once you start thinking about buying an airsoft sniper; having a metal barrel is a major boost to the accuracy of your shooting. In fact, some would say it’s more important to consider than pure barrel length.

And even though this is a lightweight gun, don’t let this fool you; it can still pack quite a serious punch, with a rate of 475 FPS and a level of accuracy you wouldn’t expect out of its affordable price range. All in all, it shoots quietly, accurately, and swiftly. Though, the fact that it’s so light means that the gun is more sensitive to heavier ammo; so using .28g at most is advisable.

For a stock scope, the one that comes with this weapon is surprisingly good; made out of high-quality metal and glass, though lacking any additional focus. When you purchase the gun, you also get a speed reloader.

At the end of the day, the main selling point of this Well rifle is represented in the main benefits we’ve talked about above: extreme versatility, both in terms of weather conditions and gameplay styles, along with versatility and reliability. Its bolt action mechanism is pretty smooth, allowing for absolutely minimal disruption between different shots.

The only reason this gun does not appear at the very top of our list is the fact that it has a couple of magazine reliability issues. However, that’s nothing that having a spare mag with your gun won’t solve.

Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine

Following the SR-2, we’ve got an absolutely stunning spring-bolt rifle – the Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine. This gun is capable of shooting at a rate of 400 FPS, with 0.20g BBs. Just like with the best guns we’ve mentioned above, you won’t require any additional power sources, such as gas or battery; the gun is entirely powered via spring. On the other hand, you will also have to cock it in order for each successive shot to be fired.

Beginners appreciate this gun because it’s quite accurate and sturdy, with an extremely high level of accuracy. It becomes even more practical once you add a decent scope to it. There’s also an adjustable hop-up which you can use to change the accuracy of your BBS. The safety is also designed to always remain within reach via your thumb as you hold the rifle.

While there is some assembly to perform, this gun is pretty much ready to be fired straight from the box. The box also comes with Picatinny rails for additional attachments, both on the top and the bottom; as well as a speed loader and sling for easier handling.

We should mention that the sling mounts aren’t of the best quality; they’re plastic, and expect them to break under any kind of significant duress. That being said, the body of the gun itself is made of a sturdy ABS plastic, while the barrel is manufactured out of metal.

Many people don’t really like it when a gun contains more plastic than metal, but if it’s the right polymer and a sturdy design; your accuracy won’t suffer all that much. Plus, if you pair this with a decent bipod and scope, you won’t have absolutely any issues. The magazine is also plastic, so try not to step on it by accident or drop it on any kind of hard surface. The GF529 has a great magazine loading system, but it’s operated via a button; so there’s always the chance that you might press it and release it by accident.

The loading process can be sped up by a speed loader, but in regards to the recommended BBs; we definitely advise not using the .20 ones that come with your rifle. These are somewhat too light in our opinion, and likely to stray left or right at longer ranges. However, using 0.25g or even 0.28g will do away with that effect, and allow for the straightest possible trajectory.

In terms of ease of use, this is the sort of gun that perfectly fits both advanced users and absolute beginners. Younger teenagers will find the bolt easy enough to pull back while making successive shots. Still, we recommend spending some time getting used to this rifle, seeing as it’s a replica of an actual sniper rifle; if you haven’t played in that role before, you may need a while to adjust to the gun’s length. On the other hand, upper body strength shouldn’t be an issue, seeing as the gun is quite silent and lightweight.

The sound that the gun produces once you cock it is quite satisfying, though that’s something of a personal taste. But it’s still objectively very easy for shooting. Also, the butt plate further compounds this effect if you’re shooting while standing; though using the bipod is definitely more advisable for accuracy.

You’ll find the reloading process very straightforward; though you may notice that, if you take out the battery when it’s not empty, a couple of BBs are likely to fall out. On top of that, some users have reported jamming issues; though mostly those not familiar with mag insertion to begin with.

One of the reasons this is such a great weapon is the fact you can upgrade it with VSR-10 parts; definitely a big selling point. Imagine – you have the possibility of constructing an incredibly complex and advanced rifle out of an affordable default body! With the right upgrades in place, your GF529 may prove capable of shooting even better.

So, we’re talking about a rifle that’s definitely good-looking, but also containing a number of cool features in tow; as well as a significant upgrade potential. Any beginners who aren’t sure of their sniping style yet will be able to mold it adequately with this great rifle!

Lancer Tactical M82 .50-CAL

Here we’ve got a spring-powered rifle that represents an actual replica of the legendary M82 Barett, used by the real-life US forces in quite a few armed conflicts. And while some people may not consider this as important, that gives the weapon a bigger aura of authenticity; making its experience quite interesting.

The frame of the weapon is made from a sturdy polymer, making the rifle as easy and light as needed for swift maneuvering. At the same time, the barrel of the gun is made of metal, making it more rugged and giving it a more grounded, heftier feeling. The rifle also comes with three different sling mounts, extremely handy for carrying the gun. Remember – this is 55 inches long, so it’s not exactly your everyday walk in the park.

Moving onto the muzzle velocity, we have to say that it’s quite impressive; the stock BBs manage to achieve an astounding 430 FPS. And the long barrel and dazzling speed are further supported by a big Picatinny rail as well as an integrated bipod; making the weapon both easy to handle and precise for long-range targets.

All in all, this is a comfortable rifle that’s designed with one key feature in mind – battling player fatigue regardless of the gameplay conditions, length of the game, or its huge design. That’s further achieved by its ergonomic fixed stock and a great pistol grip. On top of that, loading and reloading this gun isn’t a hassle; there’s a speed loader and a mid-capacity magazine that’s easy to handle.

WELL M187d Sniper Rifle

As you probably know if you’ve played some airsoft before, the role of the sniper is quite tasking; but a proper sniper rifle can make it as easy as possible. And the M187d is a great example of that, being a proper spring-powered rifle that’s useful to advanced players and beginners alike. In fact, it’s quite accurate, with a decent range – and even coming with a zoom scope and a built-in bipod!

Its body is manufactured using a pretty durable polymer, so it’s simultaneously sturdy and easy to wield. That’s something you’ll find quite useful if you need to change your position in the field. On the other hand, all of its most important mechanical elements are made of metal, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of its build.

With spring rifles, there’s always something of a worry that you’ll have a stiff bolt action; but that’s not something you should be concerned about with this one. You can easily pull back the metallic bolt and cock it, making this a great choice for absolute beginners. The trajectory of the BBs can also be fine-tuned via the adjustable hop-up mechanism. All in all, this is a decent sniper rifle, firing 0.20g BBs at 480 FPS.


The MB08 rifle is one that comes with an extremely solid design and a decently manufactured body; featuring sturdy ABS plastic materials. This is an important thing if you’re looking to make a long-term investment in an airsoft rifle; the materials used here are likely to last you a long time, even in more extreme weather conditions. And while it’s longer than some people like, it’s not that difficult to maneuver thanks to its side-folding stock.

The gun also has a built-in monopod in the rear, as well as a bipod; giving you the ultimate stability and accuracy as you take aim. Naturally, the hop-up unit is a big help with precision shots, as well as its 3-9×40 zoom scope.

The bolt action is quite powerful; for those using 0.20g BBs, know that you’ll be shooting them out of this gun at a rate of 480 FPS. Plus, the gun is not uncomfortable to use, as it has a rubber butt plate and a cheek raiser for maximum ease of use.


If you’re something of an experienced airsoft aficionado, you may have heard about the Ameoba AS-01 Striker; it’s been making the rounds worldwide, charming players with its elegant and sleek design. The rifle’s fixed stock is manufactured from reinforced nylon polymer, the barrel is made out of aluminum, and the outer barrel is made using fluted metal. But once you scratch beneath the surface of these gorgeous lines and quality materials; what you’ll find is a great platform for accuracy and power.

There are quite a few players who don’t like a spring-powered design; but even they admit that the AS-01 Striker can make it seem attractive. For instance, its quick spring system allows you to adjust your FPS on the fly, as need be. Plus, it’s pretty unique thanks to its 45 BBs magazine – seeing as it has a cool loaded chamber indicator.

Also, you can precisely dial in each shot using the adjustable hop-up; while the rail system allows you to put in all the useful accessories and different optics you’d like. All in all, we’re talking about a great sniper rifle, easily customizable for the preferences of every player.

Furthermore, the easy to adjust hop-up dial lets you zero in every shot while the Picatinny/Weaver RIS rail system lets you install optics and other useful accessories. Overall, this is a gorgeous bolt action sniper rifle that can be customized per each player’s preferences.


For those who want a classic design that’s simultaneously reliable and practical, there are few better choices than the M40A5. This is pretty much an ideal candidate to fit such a description; with a design that’s well within the confines of the sniper platforms utilized by the US marines! In fact, this is a fully licensed replica, with an understandably hyper-realistic look.

Its body is manufactured using a textured and durable polymer, with the barrel assembly and other important parts being metallic. It has a fixed stock, as well as a rubberized butt plate and cheek rest for easier and more comfortable aiming. Speaking of ease of use – you’ll also find a Picatinny rail here, that allows you to install the optics you prefer.

Make no mistake, this is definitely a powerful rifle; achieving a FPS of 443 with 0.20g BBs. Though, it is gas propelled, unlike most of the bolt-action rifles we’ve described here.

ASG Tac-6 CO2 Semi-Auto Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Next up, we’ve got a decent L96 bolt action gun; constructed out of a rugged polymer material, along with a metal barrel assembly and metal receiver. Furthermore, the grip of the gun is very comfortable, allowing players to achieve more than an optimal level of maneuverability with the rifle. Plus, the fixed stock comes with a rubber butt pad and adjustable cheek riser; just as the best-designed rifles on this list do.

Remember, we’re talking about a replica of an actual steel gun; that also has an identical loading system and 40-round magazine made of metal. Not only do you have to worry about damaging the mag a lot less, but you also get an incredibly realistic experience while playing it.

Speaking of performance, the L96 gun is able to shoot at about 300 FPS, with an adjustable hop-up mechanism and an inner barrel designed for maximum range and precision. Lastly, you can always use the Picatinny rail on the rifle’s top to install your dot sight or scope of choice!

Well L96 Airsoft Sniper

At last, we come to the absolute winner among all of the sniper rifles we’ve extensively reviewed here. Once we take all of the varying factors into consideration, this would definitely come off as the winner. There’s no sniper choice better than the Well MB01 L96 currently on the market, without being awfully pricy. While we’ve featured Well a couple of times on this list with different products, this is truly the design that takes the cake. They’ve managed to combine a precise metal barrel with a sturdy ABS-manufactured body.

This gun is a replica of the steel L96 Arctic Police Sniper, made by Accuracy International. The real-life version of this weapon is actually still utilized by German and British military units, so you definitely know that you’re handling a rifle whose live counterpart has seen some action. Just like with any decently successful replica, the manufacturers have managed to mimic the real gun’s weight and feel; the Well L96 has about 5.5 lbs, which is more than manageable.

We should mention that this is a pretty popular gun design; you may have seen the likes of it in Call of Duty and Counter Strike. But even setting this aside, the L96 actually has a pretty interesting history. It was initially made for snipers who spent days upon days in the harshest possible weather conditions – the Arctic. So, it was important for their weapons not to freeze up when the time for action came, and the sniper rifles they carried had to be able to withstand the local conditions. Keeping this in mind, the gun was made for marksmen who wore thick, sturdy gloves, and its internal mechanisms were extremely heavy-duty.

When it comes to its replica, there are a couple of cost compromises that you should know about its build. While the ABS body is definitely well-made, it doesn’t have a shiny finish that its more expensive competitors boast with. Also, the metal trigger unit is there instead of a plastic one.

But once you take the rifle in your hands, all potential disappointment will immediately vanish; its shape and feel is something that can’t easily be described. And it’s not something only airsoft veterans will appreciate either; beginners also value it thanks to its small weight and a design that’s made for comfort.

Firstly, there are the slingshots, which stem from the body on both sides, so you can easily mount it as needed, on the left or on the right. Also, there are two varying kinds of bipods you may use with this rifle, a frontal one with a detach button, or a hairstyle bipod on the back.

Additionally, it has all of the usual bells and whistles you might expect from a truly high-quality airsoft sniper rifle. The butt plates and the cheek rest are both completely adjustable, though the former requires a special key to change. You’ve also got a customizable hop-up on the gun’s bottom. The rifle’s pistol grip is decently comfortable, especially for lefties. The abovementioned butt plates are quite secure. It also has a rail you can use to install sights and scopes for more precise aiming; another feature beginners will be happy with.

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about buying a sniper, know that this is an excellent opportunity to try out a different kind of role in any airsoft team. But we should mention that we don’t advise buying a sniper rifle if it’s your absolutely first airsoft experience; it’s definitely more of an acquired taste, something more tactical and thought-out than the average assault rifle gameplay session.

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