5 Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners [Updated for 2020]

To be totally honest, the weapons are the main reason why many people want to start playing airsoft. And it’s a good thing I was a determined kid because my first weapon basically disintegrated in my hands after the first shot.

So, to make sure no other kid has to suffer like I did back then, I made a list with the best airsoft guns for beginners. They’re not terribly expensive and I can promise they won’t fall apart after the first game. Like finding the best paintball gun, finding the best airsoft gun can get overwhelming pretty quickly…that’s why we put together this guide to help point you in the right direction!

#1: PT99 Taurus Full Auto Metal Blowback Pistol

Soft Air PT99 Taurus Co2 Full Auto Metal Blowback Pistol

I am going to start with a pistol because it is one of the best weapons a CQB beginner could have. While an advanced player would use this as a second weapon, as a beginner, this will teach you how to aim and shoot right and it won’t weigh heavily on you.

The Taurus PT99 pistol is equipped with a metallic slider and barrel, which makes it feel a bit more realistic, and the body is ABS plastic. So, it won’t feel too heavy, but it is quite durable. The shooting system is based on spring action, meaning you don’t have to worry about batteries or gas. Also, it feels nice when you cock it.

From the weight and construction to the awesome sounds it makes, even to the dissasembly, it’s about as close to the real thing as you’re gonna get!  In my opinion it is powerful (328 FPS with .12 BBs) and it’s a fantastic airsoft gun for target practice. Not to mention, it looks pretty bad ass for a pistol that affordable.  This is a really well made airsoft weapon.  For a slightly more expensive option consider the Umarex Elite Force Pistol.


#2: DE M58A Airsoft Tactical Shotgun M500

There’s nothing more fun that shooting with a high-end shotgun! The power it makes you feel and the overall cool look when you cock and shoot it, are exhilarating! But the DE M58A is not a high-end shotgun; it is a good one, but you have to consider its price.

This is a pump action shotgun with metallic internals (meaning durability), that feels pretty heavy when you lift it. The body is ABS composite and I love the full rear stock that allows the shooter to use their shoulder as a support point.

It is also powerful (340- 380 FPS) and works in both indoor and outdoor CQB games. Another good point is that it has a magazine instead of shells, which makes it easier to load. I know, it’s not as cool, but for a beginner, a magazine is the best choice.

#3: DE M4 CQC Fully Automatic Electric AEG Rifle

AEGs are the most popular airsoft weapons because they are easy to use, powerful, and can shoot rapid shots in bursts. This M4 version has full and semi-automatic modes and comes equipped with flashlight and red dot scope (not the best quality though). I love the rail system that allows you to add better accessories or complete the current set.

The AEG shoots at about 250 – 300 FPS with .20 BBs and works great in a CQB situation. It uses a stick type battery (7.2v) that powers a high-torque motor, and has an enforced gearbox which gives it a bit more kick. Of course, you can get even more if you get a more powerful battery.

Finally, I love the retractable crane stock – it complements the general aspect of the gun!

#4: DE Airsoft AK47 Spetsnaz Fully Automatic AEG Rifle

The AK47 is legendary among airsofters and is one of the guns that will help you the most in a CQB. The one produced by Double Eagle (DE) is a fully automatic AEG that shoots at about 300 – 365 FPS with .20 BBS, can fire over 700 rounds per minute and comes equipped with a 450-round Hi-Cap magazine.

The body is ABS polymer, the barrel is metallic and it has an adjustable hop-up system. Also, the rear stock and overall compact body make it the best CQB AEG on the market.



#5: 450 FPS WG Compact Panther 801 CO2 BB Pistol

I started with a pistol, so it’s only appropriate to end the list with a pistol. This one is a blowback design that runs on CO2, meaning that you’ll feel the kick out of every shot (strong recoil). It’s also loud so you have to be prepared for it.

The cool thing is that it comes integrated with a laser system that gets activated when you pull the trigger. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your aim in no time!

The body is full metal, so the pistil is quite heavy, and it shoots at about 450 FPS. Still, the price is a bit high, especially when compared with the first option on my list.

In conclusion

If the airsoft guns mentioned above are not to your liking, please check this list for even more options. Actually, there are many options for beginners on the market, but it’s important to understand that the best products are never too cheap, even when you’re not looking for high performance.

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